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Now&Zen was born in 2016, created by myself, Adriana, and my husband, Gonzalo. The idea started from wanting to live a more positive/inspiring life. We have four amazing kids whom we are raising to be free thinking conscious minds and we believe that inspiration starts at home. Now&Zen has now grown into a tribe of amazing people all wanting to make a difference and who inspire us everyday!

The name Now&Zen echoes the expression of positivity, to be in the moment of NOW and in a ZEN state of mind.

Because we believe in oneness, we decided to work with creative minds from around the globe, while also ensuring our actual tangible items are USA made in an ethical manner. We believe in making conscious choices and it was important to us that no sweat shops were ever used to make our products. With the help of our talented artists, we have created 3 collections, Awaken, Inspire and Nature, to suit your different styles.

Now&Zen also gives back! A portion from every item sold is donated to Ocean Conservancy 🌊 Your purchases help protect our amazing oceans!

We are grateful to have you in our tribe! 🙏🏻❤️